Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Back again, the incredible rhyme animal D.....

Well Thanksgiving was interesting. Lots of time to relax and unfortunatly get sick. Ugh:(

As adult swim says "relaxing was great...but its time to get back and give you hell." I am still trying to find a common theme to post with but I have so much good new music its hard to know where to start. Aron's in LA is going out of business and I went down to cash in on the savings. I bought a ridiculous amount of "experimental" music just cause its hard to get that stuff on sale anywhere and cause their dance music section has deteriorated heavily in the last few years. However, I am not really in the mood to post that stuff. I am feeling more hard and funky this morning so lets see what I can dig up.

First up is Kaos. He used to be with Terranova, the German music collective. He then went on to do work as Ghost Caldron who I am best aquainted with through one of Superpitchers remixes. On this his debut solo full length he works with a number of of great coproducers including Daniel Wang and Khan . Here is:

Town and Countryman (Edit)

This next track is much more mysterious. In searching for something along the lines of Lindstrom's "I feel space" Jun, a dance musci buyer at Amoeba, tipped me off to a cheap compilation of Norweigen house music called Prima Norsk 2. A lot of it turned out to be disposable but this track rocks! Check it out and if you can find any other productions by this guy let me know in comments.

Suyntax Erik - Echelon

PS If you live in LA it is worth it to go check out Jun spinning at Bossa Nova sometime. He opens for Jason Bently every friday night. We just happened to choose that club cause it was close and were delighted by his set of Italo/Disco/pumping House. He even played Arthur Russel!

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