Friday, November 25, 2005

Well its the day after Thanksgiving and I am flummoxed as to what to present. Any semblence of a theme has left me and I just want to post a couple of tracks I like and let you figure out the significance. I think it might be enough to say that these are two bands that have been in my life for quite some time. Junior High and High School would have not been the same without these two to power my anger day after day.

Happy Holidays!

Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown

Slayer - Raining Blood


Mandell said...

Got any Crust or Black Metal recmommendations?

hector23 said...

HMM.. I wish I knew more black metal but its always good to start with the beginning so you could try "Black Metal" by Venom. As far as Crust that sounds kind of a wide ranging so I think Neurosis might fit that bill or Dystopia. Neurosis is more heavy where my head is definatly at. If you like that you might cotton onto Boris who have really been filling my headspace for ages.

Mandell said...

I was thinking more of bands like Godflesh. To me they sound like the proto-Crust band. I've heard crust referred to as Industrial Grindcore. But it seemed like that movement in music was a bunch Crass fans who never bathed and wanted the vocals in their music to sound just as dirty. I've that self-parody Crust stuff that John Peel would play. Each song would last 30 seconds long with a tempo of 140BPM with the same dirty croaking vocals.

hector23 said...

Oh! If you mean grindcore then by all accounts check out Godflesh's Streetcleaner and Slavestate and Pure. They were all fun at the time. His latest project is pretty cool in itself though. Jesu is his most recent alias and the album is self titled. It is fucking heavy!

I think you may be lumping stuff like Napalm Death in with Godflesh when you mention John Peel. I listened to their first album a bit when it came out but didn't really follow up. Once you head down that path its easy to come to death metal though. Carcass, Cathedral, and Cannibal Corpse are only a few of the C bands that come to mind when I follow that train of thought.

For a while I was really interested in Deicide in the early 90s. They had similar elements to many of those bands but their sound was much heavier. I am really interested in listening to Voi Vod recently. I heard them quite a bit as a teenager but more in the context of a friends house.