Friday, November 18, 2005

Here is a little old school disco to celebrate the fact that it is FRIDAY!

Arthur Russell was quite a strange character by any standards. A classically trained cellist he lived in an ashram outside of San Francisco after leaving home and used his cello in an attempt to connect to the universe. Abandoning that pursuit after a few years he moved to New York in the early 70s to eventually become one of the few artists taking disco to another level. Oh and he was also almost a member of the Talking Heads.

This track sticks in my head relentlessly. It is a remix by the great Larry Levan.

Is it all over my face (Larry Levan Mix)


Mandell said...

Yeah that track was on the Larry Levan mixtape from the Paradise Garage from 1982. The mixtape is on the Deep House Page Mix Archive.

If you haven't seen this website before, type in Larry Levan and look for 1982. This site is amazing with hundereds mix tapes going back to 1977. Three cheers for the Garage!

hector23 said...

yes! Deephouse page is an amazing resource. I am really looking for E2-E4 by Manuel Göttsching. Another Garage favorite.

Mandell said...

Yeah your right, Manuel Gottsching is very Garage. Thanks for introducing him to me. I found a website that has one cut from "E2-E4". It also says on this website, that he managed to recreate Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" with all classical instruments (no easy feat since the original was created using no instruments but studio effects only). I also saw E2-E4 for sale on Amazon $23(new), $16(used). Here is the link: