Thursday, November 17, 2005

Talk Talk.

If you had asked me in the mid 90s if I liked this band I might have laughed. Indie/Dancism/Rockism disdain had led me to dismiss their music as fun but not "serious" enough for my intellectual conception of what music had to be.

After reading the boards on ILM for ages, people whose opinions I had grown to respect were unwavering in their support for what I thought was a one hit new wave wonder. Grudgingly, I picked up a used copy of Spirit of Eden not really sure of what it would sound like and happy that I only paid five bucks for it.
Expecting a synth pop record I was blown away by the depth of the music and its textural richness. They invented, in my mind, post rock. Ambient passages gave way to lovely melodies that stretched out over the length of the song. This eventually changed my views on pop and rock as well. If a band that delivered sugar sweet pop like their first song "Talk Talk" was able to evolve into this then there was more to pop than met the eye. This eventually led to a brief affair with popism before swinging to a comfortable center where I was willing to give anything a chance.

Hope it opens your mind in the same way.


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