Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Here are some good ones and pretty damn obscure too as far as I can tell.

I can't remember how I first learned about aquarius records. It was just one of those things that just seemed to happen. One day I had never heard of them and the next it seemed I had always used them as a reliable resource for record reviews.

In trawling through their weekly best of's, I had begun to notice a lot of references to the Jeweled Antler Collective. This was in about 2001/2002, I think, and New Weird America was just a gleam in a music journalists eye. The writing that the aquarians did made these guys seem otherworldy. Field recordings, rustling twigs, and scraping stones! A harmonium played in the woods and then treated! What are those hippies in San Francisco up to?

Well after a long while I finally got it together to visit my friend Jason up in SF. I hounded him to take me to the record shops I had read so much about. Amoeba in SF and in Berkely, and to check out all the little shops all the way down Height.

Finally I made it to Aquarius where I layed down some cash for the Blithe Sons , the Skygreen Leopards and an unknown Jeweled Antler comp called Windswept Trees and Houses. There was a wealth of music on there that shifted my outlook. My heretofore undying obsession with dance and electronic music suffered a blow that day. It hasn't yet fully recovered.

Here are a couple of tracks

Skygreen Leopards - The Stars go to Sleep.

from Windswept Trees

Ohm-u-lator - Thin sheets of Beaten Gold

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