Monday, March 05, 2007

Out of date

This album made a comeback a few years ago in a big way. Everyone from The Rapture to The Futureheads cited it as a pivotal record in terms of their sound. I guess I missed out at the time. Being contrary and cheap can have its advantages though. By delaying gratification for a few years the fruit, in my mind, has just grown that much sweeter.

It took Sophia Coppala's film Marie Antoinette to really turn me on to a track from here. Although I didn't really like the movie all that much, her use of "Natural's Not in It" to characterize Marie's problems with spending was one of the most precise uses of music to document image ever.

Learn the words and apply them to your life. Its always good to view your day to day capitalist existence with a touch of irony and removal.

Gang of Four - Natural's Not In It

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Mandell said...

I think Sophia Coppola understands what the Gang of Four were really doing as well as say Franz Ferdinand which not really understanding at all.