Thursday, March 22, 2007

Matthew Dear

I was trawling about the internets, checking old spots and updating myself on the state of the world, as is my habit on weekday mornings. After a long absence philip sherburne has started posting again on a semi regular basis. Having been off the techno tip for a while now it was interesting to catch up and best of all hear about a new album coming out by Matthew Dear.

I really liked Leave Luck to Heaven when it came out. With Junior Boys first album it seemed to presage a return to romantic new wave sounds that in fact have come back into fashion. Imagine my surprise when I read sherburne's depiction of the new album, and better yet Yancy's more fully realized piece. Yancy also gracefully provides a link to a streaming version of the new single Deserter.

Great song, not track, but song. It really reminds me of some of the really late period Joy Division where they were already beginning to mutate into New Order musically but still had Ian Curtis singing for them. The music is sparkling and beautiful with that great mournful deep voice over the top. Scott Walker occasionally hits the same areas and it is a beautiful place.

enjoy and look forward to the upcoming album.

Matthew Dear - Deserter


maeda said...

thx for reminder on this one,
believe it or not, i'm in France lately, around 45' Gus Viseur - les as du musette :)

hector23 said...

Soon I will be down in Mexico. Its all I can think about. Getting out of LA and into some beautiful blue water.

Tugboat said...

Joy Division - I knew it reminded me of something but I couldn't put my finger on it! Brilliant tune. His vocals sound fantastic and the production is so solid.