Friday, March 09, 2007


Once again thanks to the mechanizations of Andrew(Lovefingers), I have new respect for an old artist. He recently posted a remix he did (I believe) of one of Yoko Ono's tracks. Called "Triple Fantasy" it really knocked my socks off. Melodic, wistful and downright hooky I could not stop listening to it. It appears that he has now taken it down, but expect it to pop up somewhere soon. Something that good can not simply live scattered on hard drives forever, vinyl demands it.

After getting caught up in his remix I rethought my position on Yoko. Brought up by rabid Beatles fanatics does not give one a very fond mental image of her, but we must all one day confront our prejudices and this one was profoundly ridiculous. A pioneering artist in her own right before she met John, Yoko went on to perform music well on par with anything else available at the time. I just needed to open myself to its charms.

I hope these two tracks do for you what they did for me. Not the most obscure, but still great

Yoko Ono - Walking on thin Ice

Yoko Ono - Kiss Kiss Kiss

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