Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cortney Tidwell

I came upon this artist via a yet unreleased remix by Ewan Pearson. He dancified her in a way reminiscent of the best parts of Bjork and Goldfrapp, really dazzling glamorous stuff. Not wanting to prerelease something, I tracked down one of the singles off her album and was really suprised at how different it is. In some ways it reminds me of the Dennis Wilson track I posted up here a while back. Languid and shoegazey, I really enjoy it.

Courtney Tidwell - Eyes are at the Billions

oh and here is her myspace page

and here is some info on said remix

Look for it when it comes out Courtney Tidwell - Don't let the stars bring you down (ewan pearson remix)


maeda said...

a coincidence, i discovered this artist few weeks ago, and listening to Don't Let Stars Keep Us Tangled Up, last few days, actually i listen to that kind of music more than usual

hector23 said...

It seems as if we are both growing a little more restive in our musical choices.

I am quite looking forward to picking this album when it is finally released in the US. She reminds me of Hope Sandoval from Mazzy Star quite a bit too (I listened to one of their albums quite relentlessly when it came out in the late 80s)