Friday, March 30, 2007


This has probably been done to death, but just in case this coffin needs another nail, the new Air album isn't half bad.

Once you start doing a little research into french music and the influences of these guys it becomes apparent how much they love their influences. Now wearing your heart on your sleeve is not necessarily a bad thing. And in the case of Air they tread some delightful territory with their homages. Yet, spend some time with Serge Gainsborough's work particularly the History de Melody Nelson and you will listen to Premiers Symphonies with new ears.

One of the most enjoyable albums of my recent memory has been their Late Night Tales. A dream of a mix tape in the old sense. Remember when you made mix tapes for a friend, or girl you liked? Favorite tracks that somehow flowed together in a weird wonderful way. Stoner rock next to new wave. The Cure on the same side of tape as Black Sabbath? Good stuff.

In any case this all goes back to a track I wanted to play from the new album Pocket Symphony.

Air - Night Sight


maeda said...

i'm rediscovering Serge Gainsborough myself heh, found a way to stream for free, it's been tested and works ok
hope you had a good time in mexico

Anonymous said...

As far as Air's influences, Melody Nelson is more about the work of Jean-Claude Vannier than Serge gainsbourg. Vannier arranged the music, his other stuff is more like Melody Nelson than S's other stuff.

You should also check out Francois de Roubaix, another great French soundtrack artist from the same period, very Air-like.

Gracias amigo.