Monday, November 27, 2006


Talking with a long time reader in the comments last week, he noticed how my taste has changed over the past few months. I agree. I spent a lot of time concentrating on minimal techno and house when I first set up the blog and for most of the last year.

It's not that I have completely gone off techno by any means. It is just that I have recently been feeling the call of more pronounced and obvious melody. For the most part it has taken the form of beardo disco selections, but it is really across the board. I hope I don't lose to many of my long time readers (and I know you are out there even if you rarely make an appearance in the comments section). Follow along and if you know of something similar please feel free to drop some knowledge in the comments box. I hope to learn as much by doing this as anyone does by reading it.

So for this week lets try something maudlin but distinctly American.

Lee Hazelwood - My Autumn's Done Come (soooooooo gooood)

Lee Hazelwood - Your Sweet Love

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