Monday, November 06, 2006

Sven Libaek

I went to go sell back quite a few cds this last weekend and in the process came back with some incredible albums. First off this week is a collection of rare soundtrack music from the man on the left, Sven Libaek.

The album is called inner space and it is just awesome. If you are familiar with "The life aquatic with Steve Zizou" soundtrack you might have heard some of his delightful 60s infused scores before.

Sven Libaek - Growing up now (Instrumental)

Sven Libaek - Desert


Anonymous said...

this is to say thank you for diggin' our jams:

hector23 said...

Thanks guys. Keep me up to date and I will continue to do my best to plug you.

Send me an email at so I can keep up to date on your activities.

Mist said...

I love this! Thanks for lending me the CD.