Monday, November 20, 2006

Two for Monday

I have had some amazing finds over the past week and I wanted to jump up and give everyone out there a pre-turkey day treat.

First off is the beautiful Betty Botox. Renowned for her hot legs and hot hot disco remixing action. Betty has put out a 12" on the Rvng label.

A side project by Optimo co-founder jd twitch, Betty delves deep into the world of pulsing disco edits with the recent Rvng of the Nrds vol 2 release. Following hot on the heels of Tim Sweeny's vol. 1 12", vol 2 uses Patrick Cowley as the basis for the A side. Check out:

Betty Botox - Voodoo 1

Yesterday I was equally delighted and surprised to find a cd of Phantom Slasher at Amoeba in Hollywood. A side project of the prolific Idjut Boys, Phantom Slasher satisfies in a way that few of the beardo style disco offerings rarely have. Deeply funky takes on disco classics would adequately describe this album. Dancing around the house like a gay man on acid would also describe its effects. Check out:

Phantom Slasher - Lasagne for 10

Update - Sorry I didnt know you had to register to download on Yousendit now. I will be switching to a less invasive company. Still, these are great tracks....


maeda said...

Don't have problems with yousendit but, why every service have to start nice, free and clean, and end up invasive and full of bloated banners :/
Anyway, Phantom Slasher is nice&long

hector23 said...

Yea crappy service over time is the hallmark of most free web services. It would be cool if Google could set up something like YSI. At least their stuff is minimally invasive.

Anyway nice to see you around again man, I hope everything is well with you.

That phantom slasher track is pretty amazing though, I gotta agree.

maeda said...

I'm fine thank you, just overloaded with work lately.
I did noticed that you changed your taste a bit, which is ok, i like diversity :)
I remember when i was co-writer at one IT blog, i've wrote about google plans to setup a massive online storage that could mirror users hard drives, dunno what happened with that thou.
But good thing about free services is, there are always some new one waiting to take place, so i picked 2 of them for you, hope it helps