Monday, December 04, 2006


Got this track a while back, but I am just starting to groove on it. Mike Shannon, to my knowledge, has been mostly a purveyor of strict techno and IDM style electronic music.

Imagine my surprise when I heard this tune. It is a deep groovy piece of house music, with vocals!

I had a great weekend up in the Bay Area attending what is by all accounts a pretty famous underground annual party. Good times.

Mike Shannon - What's your pleasure

This is not in fact Mike Shannon. It is the Mole. Here is the correct info.

ARTIST: The Mole
TITLE: Conversations With The Past EP
LABEL: Wagon Repair, CA

The track name is: Jingover


maeda said...

about tastes, think i'm more into alternative electronica lately, my first obsessions, not that i've ever stoped thou
have you tried those services i mentioned?

hector23 said...

i signed up for an account with mediafire and will switch over to it pretty soon.

School is winding down and I will have more time to adjust my work habit.

As far as alternative electronica do you mean stuff like black dog and aphex or more out there stuff?

maeda said...

don't tell me you are a teacher? cool
black dog and afx, well yeah, more black dog thou.I started with FSOL, Orbital, 808 state etc, then techno came, and it was ok to occasionally go out and have fun, but it was kind of boring to listen that at home, on the long run at least.
Than i discovered warp records through The Designers Republic, or was it other way around :)
Anyway, it was an eye opener, but today that taste morphed into something different, not excluding good old BOC or Plaid.
Lately, i'm really into Type Records, fantastic label, but that's just a drop in the water..

hector23 said...

My favorite and so far the only thing I have off of Type is the Khonner album (which I loved).

I was deep into Warp in the mid 90s. I used to shop at a place called ambient soho in London where I delved head first into that scene.

Mira Calix and Freeform both used to work there (before they got deals and what not) and I used to go chat with them and buy tunes. Also used to know Ed from DMX Krew. He lived with a good friend for awhile.

maeda said...

ah, so you know what i'm talking about than :)
Yes, khonnor is really good.Anyway, for music input and outputs i've been using mostly one place for the last few years as for music, i feel at home there, and maybe boomkat too
Exploring Kode 9 And The Spaceape - Memories Of The Future, nice album