Monday, November 13, 2006

Thinking about...

This past week I have been concentrating on a few tracks that have really caught my notice. Last week the guys from Low Motion Disco (love that name) dropped one of their new tracks in my comments section with their now typical anonymousness. If you caught the track I featured on here before you know the style. Cough syrup beats with wondrous melodies layered over the top. I know that the last track that I featured was a slowed down version of something by the Chromatics. Where they got the source for this track, or if this was something they created all on their own is a complete mystery. In any case since they provided it so freely I am going to pass on the love and give it to you all. I am particularly fond of the guitar work that is responsible for the melody.

Low Motion Disco - frantic low moment

This second track is something many of you out there may or not be familiar with. Flaming Lips is certainly a big enough brand name in the world of rock. However, somehow I either never heard this track before or it simply escaped my attention. A couple of weeks ago I was letting the itunes do its shuffle thing when this track came on and just set me back. The beat is slow and steady and although it doesn't have the syncopation of a good disco track I find the strings so pleasurable that I had to draw attention to it and pass it on.

Flaming Lips - The Observer

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