Thursday, March 16, 2006

Patrick Pulsinger

Last week when I posted the Sleep Archive track I got thinking about older techno. I started digging around in my cd collection and discovered a few gems that I had not listened to in ages. First off was a compilation that I purchased shortly after returning to the States. I had left all my music in England and on my return I felt a bit lost without all the touchstones that I had come to know and love. Technophunk did not replace my loss but it helped me remember some of what I had lost.

What drew me to it was the incredible collection of artists and in particular the IO track Claire. In the mid 90s that track was huge. It was released and rereleased by several different labels, even Mo'Wax had a go. To me it fell in quite nicely with what was happening on warp and the artcore jungle scene of the time. I kept digging and discovered that I like quite a bit of what Patrick Pulsinger (who was IO) and his compatiots were doing at Cheap. Claire has a mellow jazzy sound. Heavily influenced by Detroits second wave, it is a treat

IO - Clarie

IO - Lense

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