Thursday, March 09, 2006


I first heard of Neu! thanks to Sonic Youth. "Two cool rock chicks listening to Neu!" off of the Ciccone Youth album first set my mind buzzing. Although the track itself is not terribly memorable it stuck in my head as an "influence" that I would have to look up. Unfortunately due to the fact that their albums went in and out of print at wildly random times it wasn't till the Astralworks reissues of a few short years ago that I was able to hear them for the first time.
Thankfully they didn't dissappoint. Although I rarely listen to the whole second album, Neu! and Neu!75 are awesome. Hallogallo off of Neu! is one of the great tracks of all time. Repetition and nonsense is one of my favorite themes and it provides it in spades. On this album, Neu!75, the sound is more varied. The two tracks I am posting are two different sides of the same coin. Isi reminds me of the stuff Lindstrom is doing these days, while After Eight sticks in my head with the same resonance that Chrome used to provoke.

Neu! - Isi

Neu - After Eight

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Mandell said...

Yeah. It's funny the influence of this band. I've heard some Stereolab tracks that sound exactly NEU!