Monday, March 27, 2006


Going back a few years for these sounds. Pre electo house and before Superpitcher had gone and freaked us all out with his adult contemporary debut Here Comes Love. Melodic midtempo techno/ house was still in its ascendancy and great things seemed possible. Lawrence released The absence of blight to very little fanfare, but much appreciation on my part. He produced a techno album that seemed to owe as great a debt to BOC as to Kompakt. Shimmering and atmosphere are words that seem to get thrown around alot in reviews of his work, as is the nefarious word melencholic. Perfect for an overcast afternoon.

Lawrence - Neighbourhood

Lawrence - Somebody hold me


angryrobot said...

I really like this album. The follow up was okay, but not nearly as impressive. I see he has a track on the new Ghostly compilation, although I haven't heard it yet; I wonder if he'll be releasing something for the label.

hector23 said...

I still have not heard the follow up.
The remixes I have heard that he has done since this have been pretty great though.

I think he released a 12" for Ghostly a while back. Around the same time Daniel Wang did.