Thursday, March 30, 2006


In light of the show last night, which I sadly was not able to attend, I bring you a track off of BookaShade's latest release. Night Falls would have been a great song to rollerskate to. There are certain songs that make me think of skating around a roller rink with a massive sound system and that smooth floating feeling that happens when soft fat wheels meet an extremely smooth surface.

Kenny Dope did a whole mix of early 80s stuff in this vein that always looked interesting to me.

Booka Shade - Night Falls


Mandell said...

I wish we could have rollerskated. As it were it was so crowded, you could not even dance to Booka Shade or MANDY. It got so bad, that the harried owner came out and stopped MANDY's set to announce that the police were complaining about the noise in the neighborhood and that the venue was too crowded and would some people be kind enough to leave? No one was going to leave during this special and rare Berlin night. Booka Shade really rocked the house with the short haired part of the duo playing synth drums while the longer haired fellow played his Power Book and his big mixing panel. I had to stop dancing to their set their was just no room at all -- just pressed flesh. When MANDY came on they gave new meaning to the expression to crazy germans. The duo 's set was all over the place from Paul Anka, Booka Shade, Yello(Oh Yeah!,Justus Kohnecke, Elektrochemie , to closing the night with Kraftwerk's Numbers. The duo would take turns clowning with the crowd in form of improtu stripteases, sticking cigarettes in the ears, nose, mouth and lighting them and just general german mugging and craziness. At the end of the night I was able to dance as people were leaving. When I got their at 10, Joey Bickle was playing some amazing minimal, tech house set. He was handing out some mix CD's. I met this DJ named FelinePhonix aka Mieka Du Franx(Do you know her?) I have listening to mixes on her website this morning and plays some good sets of deep, electro, Italodisco. She said I was 'below underground' for not having a MySpace website. Anyway, the night lived up to the hype.

hector23 said...

Sounds wonderful! Its a big change from the last few times German's have come to play here. A big up for it crowd just makes the event even more special to me. Have not heard of Mieka Du Franx but I will check her out.

I just read that Glenn Branca played last night at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. That would have been pretty mindblowing too. Not as joyous, but still.

Mandell said...

Yeah it definitley seemed like L.A. was ready for it this time around. So hopefully next time when something that cool rolls into town, they'll be ready with a slightly larger venue.