Monday, October 02, 2006

Recent Mix

Here is a recent mix cd I made. It kind of goes all over the place but it works for me. These days if I listen to too much of one style I get bored. I put it down to a unidentified case of ADD but it could have something to do with the random function on the Ipod changing my musical aesthetic.

1)Yesterday's Dream - The Shades of Black Lightning (

2)Low in the city - Low Motion Disco (Someone put this out!)

3)Spleez - Rub-n-Tug

4)Rudebox (Soul Mekanik Extended Dub) - Robbie Williams

5)Welcome To Zion (Sebo K & Metro Remix) - King Roc

6)Addicted - Original Mix - Anja Schneider

7)Gol - Donato Dozzy (This track is stunning dub influenced techno, on a good system it will blow you back. Look for more great stuff on his Dozzy Records imprint)

8)Belfast - Orbital

9)Along the Wire (Superpitcher Remix) - Lawrence

10)Serpentine (album edit) - My My

11)B-Movie 6:AM - Misc.


matt said...

I still love to make mix cds myself. I make 'em for my wife all the time. We're such old timers.

Anyway, thinks for all the music. I read down a little bit that you were thinking about maybe closing up shop, but I'm glad you haven't. I'm a regular reader if not a regular commenter. Love the Pharoah Sanders below, I can't listen to enough of him recently.

hector23 said...

Thanks for the comment matt! Yea I cant stop making mix cds. I started making tape mixes when I was in junior high and its just continued to this day. Somtimes my wife likes em and sometimes she doesn't.

The trick is to take it out to an edge where I expand her mind but keep her interested, it is a very fine line.

I am really into Pharoah Sanders right now but I dont have very much. And I basically stumbled into him on my own so if you could recommend any albums I would be much appreciative.

matt said...

I hear you about taking it to the edge, but keeping her interested. I always have to bring it back in with something I know she likes after trying anything experimental (boy this is starting to sound like some kind of shady metaphor).

Anyway, as far as Pharoah, Karma always seems to be recommended as THE starting point, but I'm not sure if I totally agree. It's as great as anything he did, but it consists of the epic, career defining 32 minute "The Creator Has A Master Plan" (incidentally it's available in its entirety right now from this amazing blog and another 5 minute track and that's it. So if you find yourself disinterested or intimidated by the monster track, there's not that much more to explore in the album. Although it doesn't quite get the praise of his other IMPULSE! releases, I absolutely love Elevation (particularly the monster of a title track). But basically any of his IMPULSE! releases are great, and even some of his more serene 80's releases like Shukuru (try Journey to the One). I never thought I was one for more free, noisy, chaotic blowing until I heard his IMPULSE! stuff. Somehow he always seems to maintain a control amidst the chaos and the groove always returns. It's really amazing stuff.

By the way, I'm loving the Donato Dozzy.

hector23 said...

Cheers for the info on Sanders. I love it when the blog becomes a two way street for information. I will start hunting down Shukuru. I heard the stuff he did with coltrane when I was younger (free blowing) and it turned me off at the time. Perhaps if I start with something a little more melodic this time and work my way back to the free stuff it will go better.

The Dozzy track is quite good I think. Once I heard it with some subbass I was hooked. You might want to check out his previous release on Lan music.

Anonymous said...

nice mix
nice ingredients ( ;
nice blog
nice name

keep it low
low motion disco

hector23 said...

Thanks low motion, I dig your name too!

When you do some new stuff let me know. I really like your stuff.

rene said...

Send me a copy, if you don't mind. I went to the Donato Dozzy web site and liked the tracks that were presented.

hector23 said...

Sure Rene, I will make you a mix cd of some stuff and ship it out to you this next week.