Tuesday, January 17, 2006

One week of techno is just not enough...

Over the weekend I just couldn't stop thinking of different tunes that shaped the techno I have been listening to recently. When I hear Villalobos and his droning beats that loop out into infinity, the influence that immidiatly comes to mind is this man on the left. Carl Craig is of the second wave of Detroit artists. Coming up after Derrick May and Juan Atkins, Craig produced a more emotional version of techno than anything up to that point. The two tracks up today showcase both the emotional content of his tunes and his ability to turn a groove out so good that you could listen to it all day. Throw, the first tune, is written under the guise Paperclip People. It is an endless barnstormer that could run for half an hour if given a chance. Desire, written under the alias 69, defined the genre of emo techno for me. It's most insistant element is a keening lead line sounds so desperate that it could make you cry if you had a robot heart.
Machine Soul at its best.

Carl Craig presents Paperclip People - Throw

69 - Desire

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Mandell said...

Nice Detriot Tributes. And speaking of Old Detriot, Kevin Saunderson is playing at King King on the 27th of this month. Here's the link for details http://compression.robtronik.com/