Thursday, January 19, 2006

Dave Clark, if you were in England in the 90s it was impossible to escape this guy. He produced a strain of straight ahead techno that was impossible to ignore and the ep this track came off of actually made the top 40. Crazy days and crazy nights. This style of techno actually reminds me a lot of the acid techno that I was very much involved with at Escape from Samsara. Although the site claims to be Trance, in the early days they were very much more on the hard acid side. If you have ever listened to the Liberator DJs or Stay up Forever you know what I am talking about.

In any case check out this banger.

Dave Clark - The Storm (Instrumental)


Anonymous said...

Hi Hector!
I am still alive and living back at my house in Riverside.
It was a crazy year, and a long story which I won't overwhelm your blog w/but it is good to be home again.
Hope everything is well with you and Misty & the kids.
-Bill Lamb

hector23 said...

Hi Bill! Good to hear from you again. Email me at my gmail account hector23 at gmail dot com