Thursday, September 08, 2005

This blogging thing starts to get good to you after a while. A little catharsis in the morning to clear the head and heart for another day in the trenches of human experience.

Last night I had the most remarkable conversation with a friend of mine who has always been consistantly conservative. He is generally a nice guy and not particularly rabid in his conservativism so I decided to ask him what he thought of the whole Katrina thing. I am not sure exactly what I expected. Perhaps a small concession that things had gone badly and someone had to be disciplined or fired over the unmitigated disaster that was the federal response to the hurricane's after effects.

Suprisingly, he simply parroted the party line that has been developing on the right in response to the Bush failure. He blamed the local government first of all, repeating the proffered lie that Louisiana had not asked for assistance soon enough. Well in response all I can think to say is that if a dirty bomb hits a major American city I hope that the federal government doesn't wait for overwhelmed state and local officials to call for help before sending in the calvary.

I almost feel sorry for those on the far right sometimes. It requires quite a bit of work to excuse the failures of your leaders so often and bend and sway to the excuses that you are given. During Clinton's impeachment proceedings I was at least able to say "Yea, he fucked up." I didnt think he should have been prosecuted for it but he did screw the pooch on that one.

I remeber those days well. Gas was at 98 cents a gallon and full employment seemed like a possibility.

On a completely unrelated note, I have really been turned on by a cd I got in the mail earlier this week. Its called Two Originals of Jack Rose.
This here is my favorite track so far.
Yaman Blues
Its has kind of a raga crossed with blues feel to it, great for a sunny Southern California day.

Whoa I just found this great link to a hoard of obscure Krautrock downloads who were name checked on the first Nurse with wound album. Thanks to Saxon.

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